1958 Born in the small Turkish town Kandilli
on the coast of the Black Sea


  1970-1976 Attendance of High School in Ankara
1976-1979 Move to Istanbul and studies at the Academy of Art in the subjects Interior Architecture and Industrial Design

Caesura Germany

  1979 Move to Stuttgart / Germany
1979-1982 Employee and curator for the turkish Art Gallery, Stuttgart
1981 Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart
under Prof. Uli Günther in the Department of Ceramics and Sculpture
1982 First studio, Kernerstrasse/Stuttgart
1982-1984 Attending lectures in architecture and realization of mudbrick buildings in Cyprus according to the traditional dome construction methods of architect Hasan Fatty
1984 Starting international exhibitions
1988 Degree of art studies under Prof. Giuseppe Spagnulo - Free Artist
1991 New studio in the Rudolfstrasse / Stuttgart, Germany

Back to the roots

  1999 Establising a studio and a foundry for bronze art called "Bronzhane"
in Izmir / Tr.
2004 New studio in Istanbul / Turkey
2006-2007 Sculptor of the year in Turkey
(awarded by Sanat Kurumu - Art Institute which was founded in 1957)
2012 Closing the studio in Stuttgart
Return to Turkey
Focusing on the studios in Istanbul and Izmir
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