Cem Saĝbil



Originated in the 90's as a commission for a private housing company. Since October 2010, the sculpture found its place in the quarter of a insurance company in Stuttgart.

Height: 360 cm

WGV Versicherung
Entrance Feinstraße, inner courtyard
Stuttgart, Germany

coordinates: +48° 46' 8.16", +9° 10' 20.56"

"Entre lune et soleil"

Since November 2009, the two sculptures are standing on a public place in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris.
The occasion was an exhibition in the District Town Hall.
On completion the city decided to keep the sculptures.

Height: 230 cm

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis‎
75010 Paris, France

coordinates: +48° 52' 31.74", +2° 21' 21.47"


In February 2008, the sculpture was installed in front of the Ramada Hotel in Ankara.
Like all bronze sculptures, the angel was cast in Izmir BRONCEHANE and manufactured in the local studio.

Height approx. 220 cm

Ramada Ankara
Ecke Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi / kennedy caddesi
Ankara, Tr

coordinates: +39° 54' 32.52", +32° 51' 42.87"


In 2003, the Konak Pier, originally designed by Gustave Eiffel, was restored. The Reopening in 2004 includes an exhibition.
To upgrade the forecourt this abstract sculpture was installed in summer 2004

Height approx. 620 cm

Konak Pier Izmir
Atatürk Cad. Konak Pier Alışveriş Merkezi
İzmir, Tr

coordinates: +38° 25' 18.92", +27° 7' 45.87"


2004, the twinning of Osnabrück/Germany and Canakkale/Turkey was ratified.
On this occasion the citizens of Osnabrück donated this sculpture.
The "Steckenpferdreiten" is a tradition maintained annually in Osnabrück. It commemorates the peace treaty of 1648, the end of thirty years of war.

Height approx. 190 cm

Osnabruck Parkı
Sarıçay Caddesi
17100 Çanakkale, Tr

coordinates: +40° 8' 35.37", +26° 24' 7.30"

"Sun and moon"

1993 Large sculptures for the outdoor area of a residential complex.

Height approx. 200 cm







1991 Large sculptures for the outdoor area of a residential complex

Height approx. 175 cm


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