Aytaş Otel Hakkında, Ayvalik/Tr
Hotel Bungalow resort with 43 rooms and 4 suites
Participation in designing the outdoor area
and customize each room with one painting. 


    "Sister Istanbul" - Istanbul/Tr
Proposal of an international sculpture project for the twin cities of Istanbul.
The occasion was the nomination of Istanbul as "European Capital of Culture" in the year 2010.
    RAMADA-Hotel, Ankara/Tr
Bronze sculpture in front of the Ramada hotel in Ankara


    "KULE", Istanbul/Tr
Wooden art tower installation in front of the entrance to the exhibition halls (international art fair "Artistanbul 2007")


    Fährhafen, Cannakale/Tr
pre-investment study, bronz sculpture in Canakkale
near the harbour, centre of a rotary traffic


    Konakpier, Izmir/Tr
Wooden sculpture in front of the newly renovated Konak Pier which was designed by Gustav Eiffel as market halls in Izmir / Tr.
    Osnabrücker Park, Canakkale/Tr
Bronzesculpture donated by habitants of the german town Osnabrück for their new turkey sister city Canakkale.


    Dinner table, Istanbul/Tr
(3,20m x 1,30m) Bronze undercarriage with glass top for private home in turkey.


    KENT, Istanbul/Türkei
Design of the KENT-Award.
Donated by the magazine Sehir & Baskan to city majors for special merits.
    Reception area AK-BANK, Istanbul/Tr
Design of the reception area with large paintings and sculptures. 440 cm tall sculptures, paintings 220x320 cm
Inspired by the two mythological figures Appollon and Dionysus.


    Amphorae, Izmir/Tr
Approx. 200 cm tall clay pottery, hand-crafted, with mythologically inspired "engraved" motives,
fired in raku technique and first shown 2001 in an exhibition inside the Istanbul Dolmabahce Palace.


    Bronze foundry, Izmir/Tr
Build up a bronze foundry in the Bornova district of Izmir.
For the reason to realize all the processes from creative prototype to finished sculpture in any size and in complete own responsibility.
Other aspects were to offer other Turkish sculptors a way to manufacture their own bronze sculptures and giving students from the local Academy of Fine Arts an opportunity to deepen their practical skills.


    Garden design, Wetzlar/D 
Realization of a garden design for a private property.
In cooperation with the Stuttgart architect A. S. Celikoglu.


    Daphne, Stuttgart/D
Creation of a life-size bronze sculpture inspired by the Turkish transmission of the Greek Daphne myth.
From the first design sketch up to the personally executed bronze cast at the Stuttgart Academy of Art, the complete work was monitored and documented by the photographer Frank Brown.


    Facade design, Schorndorf/D
Large-scale relief ceramic elements for the facade of the legendary youth center "Hammerschlag".


    Outdoor area, Maichingen/D
Large sculptures for the outdoor area of a residential complex. An ensemble of sun and moon made of steel.
    Dome buildings, Zypern
Construction and realization of several houses on Cyprus. Built in traditional domed building methods. Based on the Egyptian architect Hasan Fatty.
    floor mosaic, Rechberghausen/D
A floor mosaik made of thousands of broken tiles.
Designed in the studio in Stuttgart, documented on paper and assembled on site. Made for a Kindergarten in South-Germany.


    Outdoor area, Böblingen/D
Large sculptures for the outdoor area of a residential complex.
    Wall Relief, Stuttgart/D
Large-scale wall design with a mosaic of ceramic relief panels for the customer-center of Turkish Airlines in Stuttgart.
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